Vision / Mission


vision almacén

In Prepacking, e know that Logistics is a resource to compete. The distribution of your products, the control of your logistics, and the resting of your stock are burdens with direct impact on the company’s profit and loss account.

There is a trend to optimisation and control of distribution by means of the subcontracting of specialists in Logistic Functions.


mision almacén

The mission of the company is to serve the client beyond what it expects and to constantly exceed the more and more demanding outlooks of the market. As a services company, it is focused on the client, which is the centre of all of our actions.

We concentrate on innovation and we undertake to continue improving with regard to quality, service, productivity and effectiveness.

The company and its employees are firmly convinced that the loyalty of the client is built up delivering services that even go beyond what it expects from us, to contribute to its success.

We want to be a company admired and acknowledged within our activity, due to our vocation of service and integration in the value chain of your business, to the high added value, and to the excellence in management.

That is why Prepacking now offers its clients more than just a few years ago.

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