Handling and Preparation of Orders

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Servicios logísticos de manipulacion y preparacion de pedidos

  Reception of goods on your behalf.
  Differentiated handling of goods.
  Qualitative and quantitative controls.
  Order management, administrative reception via Web, Edi, etc…
  Picking and preparation of daily or selective orders.
  Performance of delivery notes, printing of labels and invoices.
  Packaging and palletising.
  Preparation of loads and issuance of goods.
  Manual packaging, samples.
  Campaigns. Formation of promotional packs.
  Shrink wrapping, Relabelling.
  Assembly of sets or Kits.
  Reception of Purchase Tests (Fulfillment).
  Recovery of leftovers, incidences…
  Management, assembly, implementation and maintenance of Demo Display and PLV.
  Reverse Logistics / Repairs.
  Waste Management.
  Issuance of a single delivery note for invoicing and collection management.

Other agreed handlings and integrated services related with value added activities.

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