All companies which have stores or warehouses and which have to control their stocks or administrate the production, know the difficulty associated to this management of warehouses and the need for a correct management of their Inventories.

Questions such as “My theoretical stock coincides with my real stock?” “How much goods do I have on my sales points, deposits and distribution centres?” “How much should be bought?” “When should we buy?” “How should we arrange them on warehouses?” “How should we manage purchases?”, etc. There is not always an easy answer when we are speaking about stock management.

Realización de Inventarios

That is why Prepacking puts at the disposal of its clients all the experience and knowledge in the management of warehouses to achieve the following purposes and benefits:

  To know and guarantee the reality of its stock.
  To obtain clear and precise results, far from any conflict of interests.
  To evidence the “hidden loss”.
  To quantify and identify the losses of broken goods, deteriorated goods, expirations, etc.
  To detect and eliminate the robbery of goods.
  To reduce the levels of stock, and therefore, to reduce the fixed assets and increase liquidity.
  To increase flexibility and reduce uncertainty when making decisions.
  To treat in an homogeneous way all its establishments.
  The decision that should be taken with regard to production or settlement policies.
  To reduce the amount of defective products in case of perishable or obsolete goods.
  To achieve a more flexible production.
  To reduce the costs associated to the management of warehouses.
  To reduce the physical space of warehouses.
  Impartiality in the results.
  Availability of a flexible service 24 hours 365 days, adapting our systems and methods to your needs or those of your auditor, with preciseness and professionalism.

Before beginning the project, Prepacking’s technicians and those of the client meet to define the communication channels and the operation parameters, with specific strategic measurements for, with a total discretion, carrying out their tasks on the days, dates and times which the client considers most ideal.

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