Distribution and Transport

 Complete and effective management on delivery

ahorro transporte mercancías

Our team of transport co-operators allows us to distribute nationally and internationally any type of project. We are partners of the main transport agencies. The scale economy of our total volume of submittals allows us to always offer the best price conditions in distribution and transport of goods.

We evaluate the needs and characteristics of each dispatch and we take suitable decisions for each type of submittal.

  Management of the service of medium/long distance transport.
  Capillary or domiciliary distribution.
  Quick and preferential distribution.
  Route design.
  Guidance and planning of your logistics.
  Elaboration of specific distribution projects.
  Information about the monitoring of submittals.
  Optional delivery test.
  Closed delivery terms.
  Delivery management with immediate service, service within the day, 24 hours, etc…
  Refund management.
  Agreed delivery times.
  Collections and deliveries in fairs and special dates or timetables.
  Co-ordination of campaigns by geographic areas, categories, ABC…
  Response control, etc…

Guarantees, confirmation and evidences. Each submittal we make is confirmed. At any time, you will be able to check our well done work on our web, and…read more