Storage and Reception of Goods

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Prepacking expertos en recepcion de mercancias en Almacén Madrid

Prepacking CARES, and watches over your goods, and also offers you:

  Reception of goods on your behalf.
  Unloading, deconsolidation of loads.
  Reception control and inspection of goods.
  Temporary or final storage.
  Record and incorporation in computer application.
  Generation of reports ad-hoc.
  Location, issuance of documentation and/or entry reports.
  Inventory management.
  Labelling, palletising.
  Quantitative or qualitative quality control.
  Pallet reconditioning.
  Dedicated warehouse management.
  Effective stock control and management: order points, safety stocks…
  Programming, management, administration and monitoring of your purchases or replenishments.
  Customised storage, depending on the needs and activity of the client.

Necessary investments in systems and methods for the client are not ruled out.

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